Gavin Davis




  • About Information about Clinical and Research expertise
    • Publications A selection of some journal publications by Gavin Davis
  • Conditions Information for Patients on Some Neurosurgical Conditions
    • Brain Tumour Primary Brain Tumour, Glioma, and Secondary Brain Tumour, Metastatic Brain Tumour. Stereotactic Craniotomy.
    • Aneurysms & SAH - Cerebral Aneurysms, Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
    • Hydrocephalus Hydrocephalus, VP Shunt, Third Ventriculostomy, Endoscopy
    • Trigeminal Neuralgia Trigeminal Neuralgia, Tic Douloureux, Microvascular Decompression of Trigeminal Nerve
    • Hemifacial Spasm Hemifacial Spasm, Microvascular Decompression of Facial Nerve
    • Carpal Tunnel Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Ulnar Nerve Ulnar Nerve, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Submuscular Transposition
    • Nerve Entrapments Peroneal Nerve, Tarsal Tunnel, Meralgia Paresthetica, Suprascapular Nerve, Posterior Interosseous Nerve Entrapments
    • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Thoracic outlet syndrome, Neurogenic TOS
    • Peripheral Nerve Tumour Peripheral Nerve Tumours Including Schwannoma and Neurofibroma
    • Cervical Spine Cervical Disc, Cervical Radiculopathy and Myelopathy, Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion
    • Lumbar Spine Lumbar disc disease, disc hernia/prolapse/rupture, sciatica, microdiscectomy, spinal canal stenosis, decompressive laminectomy, fusion
    • Concussion Concussion and Sports Concussion with AFL Guidelines and Zurich Consensus Guidelines